Top Quality Equipment

Dolan Springs Nursery is the culmination of 30 years growing trees, First starting with deciduous trees and then evergreen trees. We now have 250 Deciduous trees. From 3 inches in diameter to 7inches in diameter and 2500 evergreen trees from 8 foot high to 25 foot. At Dolan Springs all of our trees have been root-pruned so the transplant shock is minimized.

All of our Deciduous trees may be moved at any time of the year with our own designed mist spray system that works in transit to dramatically decease transpiration (leaf bum) in the transplant process.

We also utilize Bio-Plex to dramatically increase survivability for our Deciduous tree transplants.

All of our Evergreen trees that we move the branches are either hand tied or machine tied to dramatically decrease branch breakage in the transplant process. With our largest tying machine we can tie-up a Colorado Spruce with branches 15 feet wide.

In transit we use a Stocker 85 inch tree spade, We have moved trees for 30 Years and we feel that it does the best job of moving trees with the least amount of damage to the root ball.

We also use a root ball tarp to protect the people traveling behind us from dirt and rocks hitting their vehicles.